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Lesson plans and free resources

There are plenty of online resources available to download.

Just Talk - Tackling stigma, and making mental health relevant for teenage boys, Hertfordshire's Just Talk campaign launched in January 2018. There are all kinds of resources here.

DEAL (Developing Emotional Awareness and Listening) is a free resource for teachers and other educational professionals designed to help develop resilience in young people. Lesson plans, activities, hand-outs, audio-visual resources, teachers’ notes and staff training materials can all be accessed and downloaded at any time from Samaritans website. DEAL is ideal for students aged 14 and over, inclusive of all abilities and learning styles.

Rise Above - lesson plans and resources from Public Health England on a range of topics, including exam stress, body image in a digital world and online stress here.

PSHE Association has guidance on preparing to teach about mental health and emotional wellbeing and lesson plans and resources for Key Stages 1-4 here.

The Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families has produced a booklet to support all school staff, 'Supporting mental health and wellbeing in schools' and has a campaign called 'You're never too young to talk mental health' aimed at primary school staff, with downloadable resources, lesson plans and animations, here.

Stress bucket activity - download a worksheet that enables you to support young people in thinking about and managing the stresses in their life here.

Time to Change has some great lesson plans with printable materials to help you talk to young people about mental health here.

The Five ways to wellbeing is a useful tool to manage emotional wellbeing. The Five ways to wellbeing toolkit is here.

BBC Radio 1's My Mind and Me aims to get young people talking about emotional wellbeing and mental health; to reduce stigma and raise awareness and understanding of mental health issues that affect young people. There are already some good celebrity interviews and advice on the BBC’s My Mind and Me webpages to go through with pupils during assemblies or Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) lessons and a series of special reports and documentaries for young people.

Our Leading Mental Health in Schools newsletter features latest developments.

There's an exam stress workshop for parents here and presentations about anxiety here.

Action for Happiness has created the Keys to Happier Living Toolkit - an engaging, accessible and evidence-based programme to promote the emotional wellbeing and resilience of children aged 7-11, with free downloadable resources.

Be Kind Campaign - ITV's This Morning launched the Be Kind Campaign to offer advice and anti-bullying messages following powerful interviews focused on bullying and the experiences faced by children and their families. Download the Be Kind teachers' pack here.

School governors - advice from the National Governors' Association about promoting wellbeing in schools.