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It’s time to Just Talk about mental health in Hertfordshire

Alfie backs Just TalkA new campaign is being launched to get children and young people in Hertfordshire to ‘Just Talk’ about their mental health.

Health, council and voluntary organisations across the county are working together to promote Just Talk, with schools holding special assemblies, Just Talk lessons and inviting guest speakers in to share the Just Talk message.

Feeling Good Week 2018 - 104 funding bids in!

We received a record-breaking 104 bids for funding towards events for Feeling Good Week 2018, which runs from Monday 19 to Saturday 25 February 2018.

On Thursday 18 January, young people worked with us to decide which bids got funding, with up to £500 given per project.

This year we were particularly keen to fund projects that are aimed at promoting good mental health for boys and young men, following a recent survey.

Watch this space for more news!


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