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Feeling exam stress? There’s lots of help and support

If you’re struggling with the way revision and exams are making you feel, there’s lots of free help and support on offer.

There are plenty of websites offering advice about revision timetables and having a good breakfast on exam day, but if you’re worried and it’s making you feel unwell, you might need some emotional wellbeing support.

Childline has an app to provide counselling to young people in need of help directly through their mobile devices. It’s called 'For Me' and is available as a free download here. It can be discreetly installed on your phone. If someone happens to see your phone or iPad, they can't tell it's a Childline service, and you can lock it with a PIN.

From advice to message boards, you can chat online with one-to-one counselling and get everything you need from Childline in an app. It's quick, easy and you can lock it with a PIN. By downloading the app, you're in control. You can talk whenever - and wherever - you need to. There’s great advice on their website, too.

You can get free online emotional and mental health support, using a website called Thousands of Hertfordshire young people aged 10 to 25 have done just that.

Kooth’s counsellors are available until 12noon-10pm from Monday-Friday and 6pm-10pm at the weekend, 365 days a year. Users can also talk to other young people anonymously on the moderated forums whenever they like and keep an online journal.

Remember, you’re not alone.

If you do want some traditional exam tips, YC Hertfordshire has some advice here and the BBC Bitesize pages feature young people who have been through exams giving useful real-life tips on revision and exam day.

And there are some top exam survival tips here:, where they explain that stress is a natural feeling that's designed to help us cope in difficult situations.