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Our first Primary Pastoral Conference has happened!

Primary School Pastoral Leads Conference

The first primary school pastoral leads conference took place on Friday 7th December 2018 at Hertfordshire Development Centre. The event was hosted by Public Health in partnership with CCG colleagues. Councillor Richard Roberts, executive member for Public Health, opened the conference.

Over 125 primary schools attended the event, which focused on emotional health and wellbeing. The conference was a mix of speakers and workshops. A range of agencies and services took part. There was a mixture of information on CAMHS, other services and support for mental health, and practical information from school colleagues. Nicola Furey from Laurance Haines School gave a presentation on how her school uses the five ways to wellbeing to support pupils’ emotional health.

The highlight of the event was the key note speaker, Head teacher Francis Murphy, from Pegasus Primary School in Oxfordshire. His presentation about his school’s ‘Relationship Policy’ was inspiring and motivational.


88% of delegates rated the conference 7 or more out of 10. The teachers who came were supportive of the event and gave numerous good ideas for future conferences and the pastoral leads work in general.

Speakers came from CAMHS Commissioning, Public Health, CAMHS School Link, Pegasus Primary School, Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, Laurance Haines School, Families First Partnerships, Children’s Wellbeing Practitioners.

Workshops were provided by Hertfordshire Steps, The Collett School, CAMHS School Link, Public Health and the Children’s Wellbeing Practitioners.

Mindfulness sessions were provided by Step 2.

Future pastoral leads work with primary schools, including future conferences, will be advertised through school’s pastoral leads and mental health leads.